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If you wish to make a charitable contribution to support the Rebecca Weitsman Memorial Dog Park, and would like to know just how your gift will be put to use, consider designating your donation to go toward one of the following Dog Park accessories:

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Doggy Day Care is a wonderful thing

I had forgotten how helpful an occasional visit to doggy day care is. Not unlike my days with small children, sometimes one just needs to ask for help. This week I found myself strained by my responsibilities and felt bad that I was neglecting my fur girl. I gave Karen at Furry Friend Inn a call and arranged for a day of romping for Larka and peace of mind for me.

While I was off fulfilling my commitments, Larka enjoyed socializing with other dogs. When I dropped her off, she greeted Karen warmly and then scurried off to play with her furry friends.

At pick up time, I was greeted by a chorus line of tail waggers . Larka definitely showed signs of having a great time as she turned in early- right after dinner. A tired doggy is a well behaved doggy. I won’t wait so long to ask for help next time.

Larka at FFI

Meet Larry, ODOG’s best fundraiser

During the Strawberry Festival, Larry dogged the kissing booth and raised $180 including seven new ODOG memberships plus donations. Many thanks to The Black Cat Gallery for donating the space for this event.

Owego Strawberry Fest - ODOG