Join Our Pack

There are four great ways that you can choose to support the community-focused mission of the Owego Dog Owners Group (ODOG).

If you are interested in lending an occasional hand to support ODOG projects from time to time, have your name and contact information added to the list of ODOG’s valued Volunteers. You’ll receive e-mail notices of upcoming events for which ODOG could use some extra help, such as staffing a fund-raising activity; holding an educational event; or performing seasonal Dog Park maintenance and upgrade work parties. Help out when and if you can.


If you would like to have hands-on involvement in ODOG’s organizational affairs on an ongoing basis, become one of our motivated Members. In return for payment of nominal annual dues, you will have voting privileges on operational and financial matters taken up at periodic general membership meetings; The opportunity to be a contributing participant on the standing functional committees of the ODOG organization; Eligible to fill a leadership role as one of the elected officials of the ODOG General Membership. Members are kept informed of the plans, activities and meetings of ODOG through receipt of the “The Bark Report” newsletter, delivered to their e-mail inbox. Your Membership dues will go towards the administrative expenses of the organization (e.g., accounting, insurance and website); costs of publicizing and conducting public events; and purchase of Dog Park operation and maintenance supplies.


If the Dog Park is of special interest to you – and you enjoy the outdoors and physical activity - consider enrolling as a member of our conscientious Crew. The elite Dog Park Crew is responsible for scheduled, ongoing operational and maintenance support of the Dog Park facility. In addition to custodial tasks of trimming, raking, waste disposal and grounds inspection, Crew members serve as ODOG’s on-site face-to-the-public, available to greet Users, and provide information and guidance concerning Park Rules and etiquette. If you are looking for a great job that pays nothing, this is for you! Fringe benefits include the appreciation of the community and a sense of personal satisfaction.


Whether through cash contributions or donation of goods and services, your financial Sponsorship of ODOG will demonstrate your commitment to the promotion of responsible dog ownership in a dog friendly community.

ODOG is an IRS 501(c)(3) charitable organization, for which contributions are tax deductible to the extent provided in section 170 of the Internal Revenue Service Code.