Facts & Figures

The Dog Park perimeter comprises 1,644 feet of 9-gauge vinyl coated chain link fence, which encloses a total of 2.4 acres of land.

The total Dog Park area is divided into three separately fenced areas designated for use by Small Dogs (under 25 pounds), Large Dogs (over 25 pounds), and a fully outfitted Agility Gym for use by dogs of all sizes. These areas are, respectively, 0.4, 1.8 and 0.2 acres in size.

The Agility Gym, which offers 12 pieces of permanently mounted aluminum and polyethylene equipment, is surfaced with a 6” depth of Engineered Wood Fiber.

Potable drinking water is provided via yard hydrants located at watering stations in each of the three areas of the Dog Park.

There are 2,026 feet of compacted stone walking paths around the inside perimeter of the Small and Large Dog areas of the Dog Park.

There are eight 6’ long benches located throughout the Park for the convenience of Owners while monitoring their dog’s off-leash activity within the Dog Park.

Complimentary waste disposal bags are provided at ten dispensing stations throughout the Dog Park, and waste bag collection cans are located at the exit of each Dog Park area, as well as the southwest corner of the Large Dog Area.

Double-gated “sally port” lobbies provide for safe and controlled transit of dogs into and out of all three of the off-leash areas of the Dog Park.

Rules for use of the Dog Park and other Park related information are displayed on the front of the Dog House structure in the entrance Plaza, which also serves as the maintenance equipment storage facility for operation of the Dog Park.

Funding for construction of the Dog Park was provided by Mr. Adam Weitsman, as a memorial to his sister, Rebecca. The Dog Park is owned by the Town of Owego, which mows the grass within the Dog Park. All other operational upkeep, supervision and routine maintenance of the Dog Park are the responsibility of the Owego Dog Owners Group, which graciously invites financial and volunteer support.