Doggy Day Care is a wonderful thing

I had forgotten how helpful an occasional visit to doggy day care is. Not unlike my days with small children, sometimes one just needs to ask for help. This week I found myself strained by my responsibilities and felt bad that I was neglecting my fur girl. I gave Karen at Furry Friend Inn a call and arranged for a day of romping for Larka and peace of mind for me.

While I was off fulfilling my commitments, Larka enjoyed socializing with other dogs. When I dropped her off, she greeted Karen warmly and then scurried off to play with her furry friends.

At pick up time, I was greeted by a chorus line of tail waggers . Larka definitely showed signs of having a great time as she turned in early- right after dinner. A tired doggy is a well behaved doggy. I won’t wait so long to ask for help next time.

Larka at FFI

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