Off-Leash Dog Park Rules

The following rules for use of the Rebecca Weitsman Memorial Dog Park were established pursuant to Town of Owego Local Law 2-2013 and Owego Town Code Chapter 46, Article 1, Section 46-6, as adopted on September 17, 2013.

1. Hours of Operation

The Dog Park will be open for use from 7:00 a.m. until dusk when the Hickories Park is open.

2. Large Dog, Small Dog Area and Agility Equipment Areas

The Dog Park is divided into two fenced areas designated for separate free play use by Large Dogs (over 25 pounds) and Small Dogs (25 pounds or less), and a separate Agility Equipment Area designated for focused agility equipment training and course exercises. The Large Dog and Small Dog areas weight ranges are a general guideline intended to ensure that all dogs can enjoy use of the Dog Park without intimidation.

Subject to the objection of any User/Owner, a small dog may be allowed in the Large Dog Area if it is comfortable being among larger dogs. Large dogs are not allowed in the Small Dog Area.

3. Dogs

Dogs must be at least 4 months old to be admitted into the Dog Park.

Dogs must be licensed in accordance with the Laws of the State of New York, and must display a valid license tag from the issuing municipality. Dogs owned by out-of-state residents must be accompanied by documentation that the dog is properly licensed in that state, if applicable, which shall be produced upon request.

Dogs must be properly vaccinated against rabies and must display a current rabies vaccination tag, or be accompanied by a current rabies vaccination certificate, which shall be produced upon request.

Female dogs that are in heat, and dogs that are sick, are not allowed within the Dog Park.

Dogs shall not wear choke, prong or spike collars while in the Dog Park.

Dogs that exhibit aggressiveness toward people or other dogs (beyond playfulness found acceptable by the Owners/Handlers of other dogs in the park) will not be allowed to remain in the Dog Park.

Dogs that have been adjudicated as “dangerous dogs” are prohibited from the Dog Park.

4. Dog Owners or Handlers (hereinafter, “User”)


Users of the Dog Park must be 18 years of age or older.


Each User may have a maximum of two (2) dogs within the Dog Park at any one time.


The User must have their dog(s) on-leash when entering and leaving the Dog Park through the access control gates.

When outside of the Dog Park fence, the Hickories Park on-leash requirement applies at all times.


User must remain in the fenced area while their dog(s) is using the Dog Park. User must keep their dog(s) within sight, and have voice control of their dog(s) at all times.

User must have a leash available in hand at all times in order to restrain the dog if it becomes necessary.

User must immediately leash and remove their dog(s) from the dog park at the first sign of aggressive behavior toward any person or other dog (beyond playfulness that is found acceptable by other Users of the Dog Park).

User is responsible to pick up their dog’s waste and deposit it in collection containers provided within the Dog Park. Complimentary waste bags are provided at several dispensing stations within the Dog Park.

User must prevent their dog from digging within the Dog Park. In the event their dog mistakenly digs a hole, User must immediately fill such hole. A shovel is available at the Dog Park Entrance Plaza for this purpose.


Each User is responsible to close and latch each Dog Park entry and exit gate upon passing through it.

5. Children

Children under the age of 8 years old are prohibited from the fenced area of the Dog Park.

Children between the ages of 8 and 18 years may accompany an adult User inside the Dog Park. Such children must be under the strict supervision of the User, and not allowed to run, play on dog agility equipment, or chase after dogs.

6. Activities within the Dog Park

No food (other than dog training treats), alcoholic beverages, glass containers, strollers, bicycles, skateboards, roller blades or children’s toys will be allowed in the Dog Park fenced area. Littering and smoking are strictly prohibited within the Dog Park.

No animals other than dogs may be brought into the Dog Park.

Professional dog trainers/behaviorists and dog walkers are not permitted to use the dog park to conduct their commercial business unless they are participating in a park-sponsored program approved by the Town of Owego.

Subject to receipt of the prior approval of the Town of Owego, special events (e.g., training classes, canine competitions, or maintenance/upgrades) may be scheduled at the Dog Park, during which times use of all or part of the Dog Park may be restricted to such event.

7. Liability and Reporting

Users of the Dog Park do so at their own risk of injury to themselves and their dog or dogs.

Users of the Dog Park shall be responsible for injuries caused by themselves or by their dog or dogs to other users and/or owners or to other dogs. Persons responsible for any such injuries or property damage shall hold the Town of Owego and Owego Dog Owners Group harmless and indemnify same against any such injuries or property damage. Any person causing damage to property of the Town of Owego may be held liable to the Town of Owego for damages. Any person found to be in violation of Town Code may be fined up to $250.

It is suggested that in the event of a dog bite, a medical provider be contacted.